Mitel DECT SIP Solution

IP-DECT wireless technology enables businesses to extend the reach of their voice network to improve customer service in a cost-effective manner.

On-premises wireless communication significantly reduces costly cellular phone use. The Mitel IP-DECT System (Global) enables the enterprise to control and manage their mobile communications costs on the premises. The IP-DECT System can deliver up to 2,000 handsets per installation via up to 1,000 LAN-connected radio base stations delivering comprehensive, cost-effective voice and messaging radio coverage.

The Mitel IP-DECT System (Global) provides a highly scalable, messaging-capable solution with a portfolio of wireless phones to address a wide range of usage scenarios. It is ideally suited to verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, security, and retail that require wireless voice and messaging services. Integrating directly with the Mitel MiVoice Business, the system supports both European and North American DECT standards and can be deployed globally.


The IP-DECT System consists of:


  • Mitel IP-DECT Base stations deployed throughout the desired coverage area,
  • Mitel wireless phones tailored for office or healthcare/industrial applications,
  • Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway for real-time messaging/alarm applications,
  • A wide range of specialized accessories and tool

Mitel IP-DECT Basestations

IP-DECT Basestations provide wireless access to mobile users within the desired coverage area.

The Mitel IP-DECT Basestation solutions are deployed over the LAN, integrating directly with Mitel MiVoice Business to provide wireless access to mobile users within the desired coverage area.

Features include:


  • Internal and external antenna variants (external antenna not available in North America)
  • Connection to MiVoice Business via LAN
  • DECT radio interface
  • Supports SIP over IP
  • On-air synchronization
  • Web interface for configuration and software upgrade
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or local power supply
  • Easy installation
  • External LED status indication
  • Roaming and handover
  • Interactive messaging, alarm, and location (requires Mitel Wireless Services Messaging [WSM] Gateway)
  • Supports eight simultaneous calls
  • Optional accessories include a power supply (if no PoE is available), a pole mounting set, and a protective external housing

DECT frequencies


  • IPBS 2 Standard for use with DECT in the 1880 – 1900 MHz frequencies