MiCC – Mitel Contact Center Solution

Today’s customer is omnichannel – are you?


Meet customers with quality interactions where and how they want

More and more of today’s customers are relying on digital communications, like email, text messaging, Web chat and social media, in order to interact with your business. Onichannel contact centers give customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time, and requires your organization to provide the same prompt, informed customer experience across all channels. With the right tools, you can make sure your business is prepared to meet these evolving demands.

Top Benefits of Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

Flexible Customer Experience


Empower customers to interact with your contact center in the medium of their choice—voice, email, SMS, fax, social media, web chat, or multimedia self-service. Give your customers the flexibility to choose the medium that makes the most sense for them so they can make more intelligent, informed  decisions and enjoy a superior experience.

Seamless Agent Experience

Give agents a single interface to handle interactions across all channels, with all the relevant customer information and necessary tools directly at their fingertips to ensure accurate and efficient responses.

Management Insight and Resource Planning

Get a real-time view of all customer activity from a variety of monitors and dashboards, drill down further into performance with historical charts and reports for multimedia customer activity, and replay historical multi-channel experiences in simulated real time. Forecast your resource requirements to build intelligent work schedules that can meet demand.


Simplified IT Management

Simplify operations with a single point of configuration and administration for all forms of customer engagement. Quickly and easily create highly flexible, integrated routing workflows for all media, including auto-responses for multichannel self-service capabilities, using a familiar drag-and-drop interface.