Save Money with Hosted PBX

On-premises systems may be the gold standard of business communications, but they’re expensive to operate and maintain. With hosted PBX services in the cloud, you can get the same real-time voice and collaboration experience and better PBX features while saving time and money.In addition, Mitel cloud solution is available through CAPEX or OPEX expenses.

With the MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000 hosted business phone solutions on the cloud, you get great call quality, industry-leading reliability and an easy-to-manage phone system with no upfront costs—everything you need in one low monthly price.

Pay as you grow
With premise-based PBX systems, you pay the price for less-than-perfect capacity planning by having too little or paying for too much. With a cloud hosted PBX service, you always have just the right amount of capacity at the right time to ensure you’re paying for what you need and not a penny more.

Keep your business running
A cloud-based hosting platform can deliver ultra-high reliability and seamless disaster recovery so you always stay connected to colleagues and customers.

Be More Productive
Bring your communications and collaboration platform into the cloud for better mobility, quality, simplicity and reliability. You can add offices, users and features easily to grow and customize your communications for a true competitive advantage.

How it all works
With MiCloud, you get a business phone system that just works, but for those of you interested in what’s under the hood, let’s break it down. The brains of the system reside in our geo-redundant data centers and continue to provide service even in the rare event one goes down. Information and voice calls securely traverse the public Internet to reach their final destination using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP). Employees enjoy the same communications functionality regardless of whether they’re are in an office, on the road, or working from home.