On-Premises Virtualized Servers

Leverage your data center investment by virtualizing your phone system.

Voice and data applications can now be implemented and managed on the same virtualized servers. What used to be two separate endeavors – requiring distinct infrastructure and different skill sets – is now one unified strategy, simplifying deployment, maintenance, upgrades, scalability, usability… everything. The virtualized standard server solutions are today one of the gold configurations of business communications

MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000 business phone virtualized solution, using a standard server allows for the customer to have complete control of communication solution in the customer´s data center running on-premises and with the server environment of their choice – VMWare or Microsoft.

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Complements Mitel’s highly reliable onsite architecture

Every company has unique needs from their communication systems.  Mitel provides customers the choice to pick the deployment model that best suits their needs–offering the ultimate flexibility via “mix-and-match” implementation options across a distributed architectural platform. Customers can choose to implement Mitel purpose-built appliances, virtualized applications, or a combination of both.

The ability to virtualize key applications complements Mitel’s distributed architecture and allows customers to take advantage of virtualized infrastructure benefits, such as server consolidation, increased security, operational flexibility, and higher applications availability during planned and unplanned downtime in order to achieve cost savings and business continuity objectives.

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